Expectations of Clearlakes Chorale Singers


Our commitment to each other is to sing together as well as we can, to have fun doing it, and to be kind to each other.

To those ends, we expect each other:

to give priority to our rehearsal and concert schedule. If you expect to miss a rehearsal, let your section leader know you will be absent. Normally, singers should not miss more than three rehearsals.
to be ready to sing at 7:00 PM or announced time
to avoid conversation during rehearsal
to learn our music well, working on our own between rehearsals
to participate in ticket sales and fund-raising projects (we have many ways to help)
to attend a dress rehearsal prior to a concert
to wear the prescribed attire for concerts (Women: black top and bottom, modest jewelry, no scent. Men: black suit or tux with white shirt and black bow tie, no scent)

Weather cancellations will be announced by email and phone tree.

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