Approved by the Board of Directors, February 25, 2013

Contact information

The Chorale will keep an up-to-date contact list including mailing addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses for current singers.

In addition, the Chorale will maintain a contact list of previous singers and data bases of donors and advertisers.

This information is acquired for the use of the Clearlakes Chorale only. The lists will not be shared with third parties. In addition, this information will be used for matters of interest to the Chorale only. Within that governing principle, some discretion will be given to the Board and its officers in defining Chorale business. Specifically, email lists will normally not be used for promoting third party programs except for those organizations with which we have reciprocal relations.



From time to time, the Chorale will arrange to have pictures taken of the rehearsals or performances of the Chorale for use in programs and publicity. Unless a singer specifically requests that his or her image not be used in these ways, permission will be assumed.

Performances by the Chorale are normally taped and broadcast by Wolfeboro Community Television. Permission to make public use of these images is assumed for singers who choose to participate in these concerts.

Casual photography by singers or friends of the Chorale are restricted to sharing within the Chorale itself. Such images are not to be published online or in print without the specific permission of those persons depicted and the consent of the officers of the Chorale.

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